From the Mayor's desk

April 26th, 2022

By its actions, our community has once again proven that we can come together in a time of need to make something special happen. You have reached deep, very deep, into your pockets to support our Fort St. James Search and Rescue Volunteers in acquiring a much needed training and service facility with individual donations in the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars and a night to remember fund raising dinner. 

The amenities we enjoy in Fort St. James today, from the Curling Rink to the Golf Course, Ski Hill, Seniors Centre, Music Makers, TV and Radio services and even the Fort Forum were all created and build by volunteers. The Search and Rescue effort has shown that we are still a community that cares and will volunteer to assist our neighbour and to help improve our community. This is what makes Fort St. James a truly special place to live and you all need to take a collective bow - you've done The Fort proud.

Bob Motion, Mayor