Community Forest

Mission Statement

To facilitate the active participation of the community in the stewardship of the land base and to demonstrate its capability to practice exemplary stewardship of an extremely complex, diverse and rich area while practicing sound and viable use of resources.

Community Forest Details

  • Tenure: Community Forest Agreement
  • Volume (ACC): 33,115 m3
  • Land Base: 22,780 ha
  • Timber Harvesting Land Base: 21,327 ha

The Community Forest Commission is recruiting new members. 
The Commission meets monthly to discuss operations, review related information, and provide recommendations to Council. Successful applicants will sit on the board of the Commission as voting members for a two year term from July 1, 2023 to June 20, 2025. To apply, please submit an application form to or deliver or mail it to the District Office.


2019 Winter
2016 Summer
2015 Summer
2013 Winter
2009 Spring

To learn about sustainable forestry and how the Community Forest is managed, contact the District of Fort St. James at or 250-996-8233.