Facilities Booking Calendar

Welcome to the Facilities Booking Calendar! This tool will allow you to reserve a racquet ball time slot, book ice time at the arena, or the community theater or ballroom for a birthday party or other event. You can check the calendar to see if your preferred day and time is open by selecting the facility below in the drop-down menu and hitting search. There are a few things you need to know about the calendar:

  1. You must submit your booking during office hours 8:30-4:00 Monday to Friday. Any bookings submitted on the weekend or after hours, will not be confirmed until the next business day.
  2. Once you submit your booking request, you will receive an email confirmation. All required forms will be emailed to you at this time - rental agreements etc. Your spot is NOT confirmed UNTIL you receive an email from our office. 
  3. If you notice your preferred day is already booked, click on the booking to see when that booking ends. You may book later or earlier in the day. 
  4. Ice time unavailable 7am-3pm Monday to Thursday

Event Insurance

If you are a community group that uses Municipal Facilities - you need event insurance!

Step by Step booking procedure

Select any Facility to see results.
All calendar entries are booked timeslots