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Local Industry

Historic and Resourceful! 

Over the past few years construction was focused on industrial and commercial projects with only a couple residential developments taking place. Previous years have seen an increase in residential development permits, while industrial permits have held steady.

Fort St. James is the ideal location for new and existing businesses to grow and flourish. With a balance of industrial development and small town charm near a large centre Fort St. James is the perfect location for your next business venture.

To learn more about community growth and economic development indicators read the Economic Development Report 2011  or contact the Economic Development Officer.


Mineral exploration provides an economic return for the region in which exploration is taking place, with accommodations and lodging being products that surveyors will use in communities close to where exploration is occurring, thus supporting the local economy.


Forestry is one of the oldest industries in Fort St. James. It remains one of the foundations of the community. There are two active sawmills in Fort St. James: Conifex Timber and Apollo Forest Products. Conifex has an annual allowable cut of 440,000 m3 and Apollo has an annual allowable cut of 216,746 m3.


Fort St. James has had a community forest since 2004. The community forest has created additional revenue that has benefited the community with increased services and infrastructure. The Community Forest is 3,582 hectares and has an annual allowable cut of 100,000 cubic meters. There are three harvest areas for the Community Forest, the Marie Lake, Murray Ridge and Witch Lake. The Community Forest is managed by a local private contractor.

Trees and cliffs with some snow on the ground
A log truck being loaded in the snow